Heather Grace Bond

I am Heather and I have been working therapeutically with adults and young people since 2010 when I began teaching meditation.  In my personal life, I've been thrown many curve balls, some of which I've dealt with better than others.  In the process, I've learned how to hold hope for a brighter future.  Some of the 'downs' of life have taken me to some dark places and yet here I am, somehow stronger than before. 


Having faced a number of life-changing events and lived to tell the tale, it is my privilege to work as a counsellor and offer support to those who are facing their own difficulties.  

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Nicola Keogh

I am Nicola and I have lived through many ups and downs in life. I am still (just!) in one piece and I have a loving family with a crazy dog.

I was once told ‘this too will pass’ and I have found the difficulties in my own life have done so. However I could not do it alone, as it felt too tough a  journey to be on. Looking back today, I am glad I had a counsellor to listen to me and support me throughout my journey.



You may feel as I did - overloaded, confused and questioning 'why?'